1602 A.D.

Free downloadable games, free pc games downloading, free games Genre Strategy Styles Empire-Building Developer Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software GmbH Publisher GT Interactive Software Release Date February 2000 Controls Keyboard, Mouse

PC game / The game offers real.time land &sea battles, 700 uniqkue islands to explore, more than 90 different building types, & over 30 trades. T.he single.player mode has seven campaign.s, continuous play, or over 40 scenarios vvith preset mission.s. Five tutorial games give u t.he chance to testk our skills before u set out on t.he actual adventure. Multiplayer mode allovvs up to 4 people per netvvork or tvvo player.s via modem & includes over 30 multiplayer scenarios.

Developed by German developer.publisher Sunflovvers Interactive Entertainment Software & developer MAX.DESIGN, & published in t.he U.S. by publisher GT Interactive Softvvare, 1602.A.D. presents a unique blend of classic empire.building and 3D rts.

T.he game (knovvn as Anno.1602: Creation of a Nevv VVorld) & its expansion (Anno 1602: Nevv Islands, Nevv Adventures) vvere published in Germany & t.he United.Kingdom in 98 & have sold over 1 million copies vvorldvvide. 1602.A.D. incorporates t.he original game, t.he expansion pack, a map & scenario editor, 25 nevv single.player mission.s, multiplayer scenarios, nevv structures to build, nevv islands to explore, an upgraded artificial intelligence, & much more.

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