Happy Tree Friends:False Alarm

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251 MBDownload Size: 251 MB Setup Size: 188 MB
The cute, cuddly Happy Tree Friends meet with one horrible, twisted disaster after another and only their friend Lumpy can save them! Armed with a helicopter pack, Lumpy hurls flaming napalm or explosive nitro to blow open areas where his friends may be trapped, or puts them into a deep freeze if they're about to walk into danger, and that's just the beginning. The creators of the popular TV series deliver all the gory yet comedic action the series is best known for in 10 exclusive disaster-filled scenarios, each with three frantic levels and all-new Happy Tree Friends video content. Help save the accident-prone friends from ultimate disaster!

System Requirements
Windows(R) XP or Windows Vista
Pentium(R) 4 2GHz or AMD(R) equivalent
512 MB of RAM for Windows(R) XP
Free hard drive space: 300 MB
Graphic Card 128MB (GeForce 6200 or better)