Kasparov Chess Mate

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9.7 MBThis chess game is so complete you may never play another! Kasparov Chessmate lets you play friends
on your computer or online all over the world. Practice against a variety of computer opponents with different strengths.
Go into Training Mode and hone your skills from opening to end game.
This is one awesome chess sim!

Every chess player wants to get better and rather than struggling with the same moves,
Kasparov Chessmate will actually train you!

In Training Mode, learn:
Openings & Defences - 15 different strategies
Middlegame - 12 different strategies
Endgame - 6 different strategies
Tips - 10 crucial lessons to always keep in mind
Traps - 10 essential scenarios to stay away from
Mate - 60 different mate in 2-5 move scenarios to train your checkmate skills!

Playing Kasparov Chessmate using the hints feature is like having a chess grandmaster right by your side!
You can play an entire game using Garry Kasparov's hints to learn critical moves from the opening to the end of the game.
There is a phenomenal learning tool that will prove invaluable to any aspiring chess player.

You will never have to worry about finding someone to play with this game.
You always have several different computer opponents or you can choose to go online and play chess fans from around the world!