My Sim Aquarium

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230 MBDive in and create an extraordinary aquarium so your pet fish can live in style and comfort. Nurture your pets and watch them grow! Maybe they’ll even have babies! Have tons of fun as you indulge your aquatic friends with fun foods, follow them, tickle and play with them in this aquarium adventure! Bring your baby fish home, visit the Marine Pet Shop, and choose your pets from over 48 different species of remarkable sea creatures! Feed your fish! Funky fish food will make them glow neon, get big or small, and even wild! Get close enough to see the light sparkle on their scales. Follow your pets as they swim, enjoying 360-degree panoramic views. Raise happy and healthy fish. All your fish start off as babies (fries) and can grow up to three times their fry size. Build your dream aquarium and choose from an enormous selection of plants, stylish accessories, buildings, animated tank toys, and more.

Game Features:
• Build your own aquarium or choose from over 12 beautiful dream tanks
• Fill it with more than 48 species of incredible fish
• Your tank can be your screensaver too
• Over 20 backgrounds
• Over 30 famous buildings
• Over 40 exciting accessories, including animated windmills, treasure chests, and more