Star Wars: Empire at War

The plot for the Star Wars: Empire at War is set in-between the Episode 3 and Episode 4. The story revolves around the struggle between the empire and Rebels during that time period. The story of the Star Wars: Empire at War follows linear path divided in the form of missions. There are only two factions in the Star Wars: Empire at War. Player can choose to control any of the two factions. However, player must complete objectives in order to complete the mission.
The missions of the game are built on the plot of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope and Battle of Yavin. The full version of Star Wars: Empire at War was released on 16 February, 2006.
Star Wars: Empire at War follows the gameplay similar to Episode 4. Gameplay is divided into five different game modes: Skirmish, Galactic conquest, Campaign, Land and Space. These modes differ from one another on the basis of scenarios and objectives to be accomplished. Player must pass through the first mission and complete it successfully in order to move on to the second one. Skirmish is an online multiplayer mode where players dual directly with each other. Skirmish mode is also referred to as “free-play” mode. An expansion pack Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption was also released for download.